Music Lovers #1 Source for Hard-to-Find Collector's Albums and CDs.

COMPRO-TAX Baltimore
With more than 16 years of combined experience, the friendly staff at COMPRO-TAX Baltimore provides a wide range of business consulting and lending services, including bookkeeping and tax preparation services.

Create-A-Book Baltimore
Offers a variety of personalized children's books that make your child the STAR of the story!

Sweets and Body with a Brain
Offers sculptured handmade soap ideal for gifts, celebrations. All soap bars are crafted items of beauty and offer joy, for all who receive them. The soap is genuine made from Glycerin base, fruit colors and natural ingredient oil cents. They also sell plaster-crafted images of historic freedom fighters and other types of art work.

The TAKE ACTION! Network
Helping individuals and organizations develop strategies, mobilize resources, and create solutions!

TAKE ACTION! Publishing
Helping individuals and authors use online resources to share their life stories!